Stand up & fight.

This year has been full of change and growth and for that, I am grateful.

2012 was a year of excitement and then contentedness, and then 2013 snuck up on me with a whole lot of ugliness and distress. I was challenged to not only handle ugly situations with grace and maturity, but to stand up and fight for something better. I learned not to waste time thinking about how awful things could get, but to charge forward and surround myself with awesome people who would push me to be better.

Choosing photos to represent the kind of year has really made me appreciate what a great year it’s been. It hasn’t been easy, but I think I like it better that way.

This year I….

New Apartment

Began to furnish my apartment

Paleo chicken satay

Started learning how to feed my body better food (falling off the wagon a few times and hopping right back on) – Kermit looks very skeptical, doesn’t he? 

naptown roller girls suicide seats

Discovered roller derby

Geist 5K

Cheered my mom on in her first 5K


Started learning how to code

shih tzu puppy

Became a dog mom

Mixwest Conference Indianapolis

Went to the coolest marketing conference in Indianapolis, and made new friends

gen con 2013

Had my first Gen Con experience

speak easy

Met some kick ass people in the Indy startup community, thanks to The Speak Easy, Verge, & Linking Indy Women

geeky and gingerish blog

Launched Geeky & Gingerish, with the help of my friends at Haute Blog

The Children's Museum Indianapolis Birthday Visit

Celebrated my sister’s 18th year on earth


Soaked up the inspiration at TEDxIndianapolis

SWIndy - Startup Weekend Indianapolis

Competed on the winning team at Startup Weekend Indianapolis

Hediwg and the Angry Inch Indianapolis

Signed on to be a part of Indy’s own production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so that I get to work with these crazy cats every day.


Celebrated 4 years of awesomeness with my partner in crime (Okay, I cheated with a throwback photo, but this is my favorite of the two of us)


And…loved my family just a little harder with every battle we fought

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox
Today’s prompt: “December 1: Your Year in Photos
Document your year in photos. Did one photo encapsulate your year? Maybe it takes a gallery. And don’t forget to caption, describe,  or document what made an image so important. Let’s see those photos!”


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