Hello world!

Yes, I did leave the infamous “Hello world!” as the title of my very first blog post. It seemed fitting, as those two words seem to have been taunting me for the past year and a half…puttering around and trying to decide what I should blog about. I’ve cycled through more themes and “angles” for my future blog than I can count, and I’ve finally decided to just say “fuck it” and write whatever comes to mind. I know that the first twenty times or so, I’m probably going to look at what I’ve written and hate it. I know that I’m not “comfortable in my own literary skin” yet (as a coworker of mine so eloquently put it). I know that I’m going to worry what people will think of my writing and fear the judgment of my friends and peers.

BUT! I need to remember that, for now anyway, this is for me.

AND… in reality, very few people will read this anyway, and no one really cares if my posts aren’t life changing or earth shattering.

I’m really excited to finally just do this.

So stay tuned, I think this is going to be fun…


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